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About me:I live in Frederick, MD and love going to shows, festivals, or anything with music. I've found that in the last 8 years, Baltimore and DC have become hot spots for the Jam scene.
Member Since:August 3, 2006
Last Login:August 6, 2007
Location:Frederick, MD
Birthday:May 2
Music means to me:Everything. My mood is completely affected by what I'm listening to at that time. I play music constantly. I don't understand people who don't. Live music is especially amazing. To be able to see the musicians create a groove from 50 feet away is awesome. Music affects people more than they know.
Schools:Wheeling Park High School, Xavier University
General Interests:Going to shows, cookouts, hanging out with friends and family, frisbee, any sports, watching Notre Dame or the Pittsburgh Steelers play football, eating any kind of food
Other Distractions:The Big Lebowski, Strange Brew, Raising Arizona, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, BBC Office as well as the American version,


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