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About me:Hey folks my name is Josh i'm 29 i live in flagler fl. I saw jerry when i was 14 and the love for his and all transendental music unraveled a whole new world of spirituality, earth awareness, musical skills ect. I BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the musicians, artist, tapers, fans, spirits, jugglers and merchants for creating the interconnectedness before i arrived on the sceene. And thanks to my sister Carrie for bringing me to my first dead show 4\4\94. Oh yeah about me I have two wonderful kids named Austin and Julia their 6 and 8 they are my life.
Member Since:May 10, 2006
Last Login:June 23, 2013
Location:Palm Coast, FL
Birthday:March 16
Music means to me:music my is entertainment when i'm jammin. music is my soundtrack when in driving. music is my healer when i'm low. music is my church when i surrender to the flow.
Schools:Flagler Palm Coast High School adult ed.
General Interests:biking with Julia, playing in the dirt with Austin, hiking, building waterfalls, drumming traveling, going to shows, guitar, rocks and minerals, plants and recieving good karma
Other Distractions:eat drink dance and sleep in a hammock