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About me:Singer/songwriter Jonathan Clark has been a musician since his childhood. Bass guitar has been his primary instrument while backing up some of the biggest names in music today. He has performed and toured with Grammy Award-winning artists such as Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh and Don Henley from the Eagles, Michael McDonald, Peter Cetera and Laura Branigan. He can be seen occasionally touring with legendary artists Dwight Yoakam and Christopher Cross.

Aspiring to be more than a backup for fellow artists' careers, Jonathan began pursuing his own dream: to be the one out in front. He continued honing his unique mastery of the acoustic guitar and began acquiring more work as a vocalist, singing on numerous Dwight Yoakam releases. He has performed with Dwight on television appearances from The Tonight show with Jay Leno to The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson as well as the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Continually expanding his breadth of skills, Jonathan penned six songs for inclusion in several movie releases—"Blind Side," "Neowolf," and "Who's Your Monkey." He has put his vocal stamp on numerous television and radio advertisements for brand products such as Coors, Coors Light, Fruit of the Loom, Coca Cola, and Kingsford Charcoal.

Jonathan's early influences; The Eagles, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, and Bad Company, have inspired his soulful, melodic songwriting style that has captured an ever expanding fan base in recent years. On his debut album I'm Just Sayin', Jonathan wrote and co-produced all songs (with his brother Daniel), as well as contributed vocals, guitar, bass, piano, and percussion to the tracks. I'm Just Sayin', coupled with Jonathan's first video (directed by Gary Oldman), is now available on Blue-C Records.
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