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About me:Jonah and the Whalewatchers, the premiere reggae group on California's central coast, continue to bring positive reggae vibes and culture to clubs and festivals on the west coast and beyond.
Member Since:August 9, 2006
Last Login:June 14, 2010
Location:Monterey, CA
Music means to me:The Universal Healer.
General Interests:Reggae Music, Positive Vibes, Healthy Living, Ecology, Hiking, Peace, Sustainable Living, Clean Water.


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live album and video
Fri 2/29/2008 12:08PM
Thank You to everyone who came out to see us at First Night Monterey. It was a great show, and we were so lucky to have a chance to play at the Golden State Theatre, so we made a recording and video. We hope to have some highlights available soon ! Stay tuned for updates here on Jambase and at our websites,  and      ONE LOVE  -  Jonah