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Fabulous guitar of Derek Trucks
Fri 1/9/2009 12:03AM
The Fabulous Fox, Atlanta, New Year's Eve, 2006, 2007, 2008, Derek Trucks and his wife Susan Tedeschi and their Soul Stew Revival have been reviving the souls of music lovers.  She is now the frontman for the band and what a great jive it is.  Her sultry blues' ballods with his god-like guitar playing are able to lift even the most unsecured soul.  But for the ones who are secure in their love of this revival, its message cannot be denied.  Forget who is better than who, and let Derek and his crew take you where they want to go.  Its been said that Eric Clapton is God.  Well, there is always room for one more, and maybe a godess, too.  They will be there next year, because the house was absolutely packed this year.  Also the ushers are very "cool" after they know everyone is comfortable.  The Fox Theater in Atlanta is probably one if not the nicest theater in the nation.  The hotel accomodations are reasonable if you split the room.  Atlanta is a very phat-cat town on New Years.  Watch out for the people who actually live close to there.  The parking attendants and eveyrone living in the city are quite personable, but just watch the ones who forget why they are there.  I have forgotten before, so watch out.  There was no way to forget this year.  An absolute blast.  Save the clock tower!!!  Save the clock tower!!!