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About me:Yo, Yo, Yo. Word on the street is I am one bad motha- shut cho mouth. Ive seen to many shows to count, and play on hitting 10 times that many before I die. If I was to count, id have to say well over 300 shows in all. Not counting local gigs, or bands that I played in (of course). Just graduated, workin, and whatnot. I love disc-golf, wakeboarding, and playing poker. Come find me at, my screen name is Mcgeek. Peace.
Member Since:September 10, 2002
Last Login:June 19, 2007
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:November 17
Music means to me:THE WORLD. Why live if ya can't groove. Just do like Mike does, and share in it.
Schools:Texas State University
General Interests:Disc Golf, Wakeboarding, Poker, Amanda
Other Distractions:Family Guy, Professional Poker Tour, Road Trips


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