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About me:Living life, chillin out w/ friends, Servin' @ Max at Eastman Place in the city (heady food!), SkatEboaRding, snowboarding, shows & festies, grubbin at hometown spots (props: DogTown Hots, Sol Borrito, Dinosaur BBq, Jibarito, Distillery, Mark's Texas), Sleeping, Napping, Relaxing, reading HighTimes, summertime cookouts with the crew and J. rivers, trading tapes/cd`s of good shows and music in general, Texas Hold'em and Remy Martin....
Member Since:March 29, 2009
Last Login:January 26, 2010
Location:Rochester, NY
Birthday:September 7
Music means to me:¡Musica musica muscia! Love learn & enjoy it. First few thoughts that get poppin' in my head. Unfortunately never picked up an instrument, but appreciate a good chunk of the music and its artist out and about today and many a yesterday.
General Interests:skaTeboArding, snowboarding, Architecture & Design, construction technologies. Trailer Park Boys and The Office.


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