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About me:name's jocelyn. i'm 19. love music festivals (which is why i'm here, lol). i like to read. being a space case every once in awhile ain't so bad : )
Member Since:April 16, 2010
Last Login:October 30, 2010
Location:Montoursville, PA
Birthday:October 18
Music means to me:everything. it's always there no matter what mood your in. it gives you a sense of feeling. it's incredible. so incredible you can actually feel it running through you.
General Interests:summertime, hiking, camping, anything outdoorsy, dancing, getting tounge tied, eating : ) making jewelry, being creative.
Other Distractions:bright colors, nature, flowers on the side of the road, books, the feeling of grass beneath my bare feet, popsicles!


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