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About me:i LovE LiVe muSic, anYtHiNg I cAn JiVe to. goinG to ShoWs and EsPeciAlly tHosE sumMer tyme FeStiValS.
Member Since:June 7, 2005
Last Login:May 12, 2007
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:May 2
Music means to me:everything. there is always music to inspire you, make you think, make you forget, help you escape, and to make you dance
Schools:harrington college of design
General Interests:hiking. swimming. dancing. hooping. reading. learning. listening to peoples stories. making new friends.
Other Distractions:paperback original. jack kerouac. allen ginsberg. aldous huxley. the art of andy goldsworthy. making vegi food, rice cake snacks. organic crunchy peanut butter on just about anything. laying in the leaves. jack daniels. sunshine. waves. architecture. love.


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