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About me:I moved to the Sunshine State from the wonderful city of Chicago in August of 2006 and am still getting used to this music scene but am digging it!
Member Since:February 10, 2004
Last Login:September 22, 2014
Location:Wesley Chapel, FL
Birthday:March 30
Music means to me:Music is life. Without music, what would we dance to?
Schools:Clissold, St. Rita, U.I.C., M.V.C.C., P.H.C.C.
General Interests:promoting things. Be it music , i do work for SCI Fidelity Records as well as some local Chicago groups canvasing areas with posters and hand bills and what-not ; or with politics, where I was and still am extremely active with HeadCount and MoveOn.org; the arts, all kinds(letting your eyes get off lets your brain gett off), photography of which in particular I love to dabble in; and also in the arena of promoting awareness of such tragedies as Darfur, Iraq - the entire MIddle East, the No Child Left Behind Act, and any act of random violence
Other Distractions:A good film. Which to me is anything written and/or directed by Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee, Tiny Fey, Robert Rodriguez, either Coen brother, or Kevin Smith... not say that's it.
A nice television program is also good, TVR is a great thing for someone who works at night too by the way... Some shows I'm really into would be LOST, 30 Rock, Six Feet Under, The Office, The Wire, The Soprano's, ER, Oz, Eli Stone, ...Earl, Crash, TrueBlood, Entourage, It's Always Sunny..., Sons of Anaracy, and I know that's ridiculous but I'm sure there's more
And now just because I'm into movies and TV doesn't mean I don't like a good book every now and then. My all-time favorite being Catch 22 but some others I enjoy would be Angels and Demons, Dopefiend, Truely Tasteless Jokes vol.1,2,3, Kite Runner, and The Boys Book At How To Be The Best At Everything. Most recently I read The Prey by Michael Creigton


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