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About me:Im Jesse Nawrocki
Im 17
Im almost a senior in high school
I work at Hollister and American Eagle
Member Since:April 10, 2008
Last Login:April 30, 2008
Location:Mc Farland, WI
Birthday:October 19
Music means to me:Everything i dont go anywhere without my ipod
I listen to it before every soccer game
i listen to it to tune out my teachers and classmates
Music is amazing
General Interests:Soccer, Fashion, friends, Girls
Other Distractions:making fun of mall walkers since i work there


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Jose told me to write about everything
Thu 4/10/2008 7:15AM
hahaha im in web design class and my friend Jose was like write about everything haha. it was funny it was one of those moments where you had to of been here. and everything today is so lame its raining and i dont have to work tonigtht =[ and its going to snow this weekend what a bummer because i have a soccer tournament in illinois

p.s. mason is bitching about how he is having a hard time putting his graffiti on his web page haha