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About me:im a little dude that loves to party and have a good time. I represent the WISCO MO FUCKA!!!!! I am a laides man, l love the laides!! So laides? haha
Member Since:August 23, 2010
Last Login:August 9, 2015
Location:Oshkosh, WI
Birthday:August 17
Music means to me:the fucking world to me. all types there is nothing better than going to a good ol' show and dancing like a mother fucker.
Schools:none at the time
General Interests:skateboarding, snowbording, comedy, and just living life.
Other Distractions:I can kick myself in the head. Sean Penn and I have the same birthday and why i wear slip on's is because of Jeff Spicoli. I got a slip on tat with butter melted over it with a stack of waffles, and a bottle of mrs. buttersworth because of my love for vans slip ons and the vans waffle grip son.


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