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About me:I'm a a Graphic Designer who loves to hang in the music scene. Music is my life and I live Life to the fullest. If I want to do something, i put all my energy into it to make it happen.
I was on tour for a long time as a vendor but have settled down int my new house I bought.
Member Since:May 1, 2004
Last Login:July 29, 2014
Location:Whitehall, NY
Birthday:September 5
Music means to me:A love and life of this music is the best feeling that no one can take away from you. Whatever mood you are in your love of the music will keep you grounded.
Schools:Adirondack Community College,
Roger Williams University
General Interests:Hiking, snowboarding, Grateful Dead, creating logos, going to shows and festivals, partying, hanging out with my friends, traveling, playing the Djembe, Pitt Bull (Love-A-Bull) Owner and advocate,
Other Distractions:I love to read, and watch movies (comedy, action), fave. book reading right now is Phil Lesh's "Searching for the Sound", listening to old school Dead is HIGHLY recomended!


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