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About me:I love to take long walks while sipping on some baileys. I am OLD Greg
Member Since:June 27, 2008
Last Login:August 29, 2008
Location:Chillicothe, OH
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:" Its attached to your rod motha licka" Im a scaly man fish. Make an assessment!! as quoted by Old Greg( the scaly man fish)
Schools:mount high school, crystal meth acadamey of chemistry, jenkem engineering of fecal matter
General Interests:I just want to say I am struggling with my addiction to jenkem but I am soon going to be done after this last batch is fermented.
Other Distractions:speedos and burt reynolds. I just recently got into slanging Jenkem balloons at fests, watch out NO2 Mafia I am goin to take some of your customers!!!!!


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