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About me:Name's Jen.
I spend juuusst about every minute of my life listening to music and partaking in music-ish activities. Miracuosly, somewhere betwixt all the shows, the online purchasing of newly discovered cd's, my classes, and my JAY OH BEE,
I somehow manage to earn juuusst enough money to always make it to the next concert.
Member Since:February 4, 2008
Last Login:September 19, 2015
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:May 5
Music means to me:An escape from daily distractions. It's a universal language that offers some I N C O M P A R A B L E something
that seems so basic and so true. I mean, I am completely BLOWN away every single time I go to a show and experience the INSANE power that music itself possesses. A power able to gather thousands upon THOUSANDS of diverse people from all corners of the world, walking through all walks of life. People that are d r a w n by the simple hope that perhaps with these spectacular melodies, we will be able to drown out the roar of everyday life, and just listen;
Listen to the music, listen to each other, and begin to really LISTEN to ourselves. Music gives us the opportunity to forget about our woes, and celebrate who we are!

To me, there is absolutely nothing better than music and friends, and considering I know NO strangers, I suppose the time has FINALLY COME for you and I to start dancin!
General Interests:architecture and interior invention, literature, supporting the arts, photography, hiking, camping, kayaking, climbing, etc. etc. etc.
Other Distractions:Respecting and preserving our MOTHER Earth.


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