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About me:I am a teacher, environmentalist and protector of animals. I am very concerned about the suffering in the human community as well. It is my belief that our choice to have a lack of knowledge and our choice to be out of touch with our compassionate human nature has caused many if not most of the problems in the world (minus natural disasters). Through knowledge and compassion we can right the wrongs in the world. I work on trying to be a better person every day and recognize my own shortcomings as well. We all have them, nobody is perfect. But, we can try a little more each day to do better.
Member Since:April 4, 2008
Last Login:May 26, 2008
Location:Rhinebeck, NY
Birthday:August 7
Music means to me:I love music and think that a lot of social justice issues and problems can be solved through education and the arts. Music and art can touch people in a non-confrontational and inspirational way. It is important that we all try to do what we can to change the tides. One must not impart others with massive amounts of information - but rather - one must inspire others to want to learn more. Artist who do meaningful work play a huge role in that - I believe music helps to bring out the kinder and softer side within each of us.
Schools:Environmental Education
General Interests:Nature walks, music festivals, camping, sitting by a fire, local wines, farmers markets, handmade arts, meeting people who inspire me!


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