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About me:Keyboardist and biologist in Westchester NY. I play in the NY tri-state area, colleges throughout NY, and around Boston. My own talents lie in the funk/jazz/R&B realms, as well as trance, prog, electronica and fusion areas. I've also been playing in an afrobeat band. Always looking to find new venues to play at, and more bands to share bills and followings with. I'm in three bands right now. One is a five piece with a female singer that does dancy versions of 70s, 90s and todays pop tunes, and dancy funk and electronica originals. That band is temporarily called Funktypus, as other bands already have that name it turns out. Than I'm in "the Brighton Beat", which plays afrobeat originals, as well as Fela Kuti and Antibalas covers. This is a large ensemble, anywhere from 6 to a dozen guys at a time. www.thebrightonbeat.com Third band is Trout Cake, that I play Keys bass on Moog, and organ and rhodes parts on a Nord. This band does Jamband/90's rock, as well as some fusion. I also do martial arts, tai chi, ecology, frolf, skiing/snowboarding, video games.
Member Since:February 3, 2012
Last Login:February 4, 2012
Location:Peekskill, NY
Birthday:June 28
Music means to me:Music is my best skill. Born in a musical family, I was taken with Beethoven, MC Hammer, and video game music from early on. Got into the mid 90's grunge scene, than found MMW and jambands. Being introduced to jazz and fusion music as a preteen played a role on my mental and personality development. I credit music for a good amount of my identity. When i get in front of an audience, i try to gauge their mood, their responses, and custom craft them a good experience. In the studio, I try to make something that atleast I've never heard before. I like to write music, arrange, and perform.
General Interests:Evolutionary Psychology, Video Games, Art, Comedy, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Frolf, Skiing, Snowboarding, Tennis, White Russians, Rum, Scotch,
Other Distractions:Muppets. Jim Carrey. Will Ferrall. Portlandia. Adventure Time. Avatar.


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