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About me:name is Morgan. student at Virginia Tech.
few summers really ago opened me up to a lot of great things, musically (first festival ever: bonnaroo -i know crazy start, huh?) and things have just spiralled out of control since then (in a good way!)
Member Since:September 25, 2005
Last Login:September 10, 2009
Location:Roanoke, VA
Birthday:July 24
Music means to me:good music is more than just sounds to be heard.. Good music is felt all throughout the body, the mind, it provokes thought and creates changes in mood and even in the ways music-lovers live their lives.. and seeing live music is so damn uplifting!! I usually leave a show a better person, happier and more fulfilled than before it started.. plus with about 15 new friends to jam with!
General Interests:live music!!! um.. driving while jamming, drinking a lot,


experimentation, art - especially surrealism, and dirty dancing at ghetto house parties.. yep, that's a pretty good note to end on if you ask me.
Other Distractions:almost anything on tv can keep my attention until the next commercial break.. then i switch it to a new show and forget what i was watching in the first place..

fucking WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW! guilty pleasure hell yea!



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