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About me:I am a self proclaimed musichead, and have been taking pics at shows for the past couple months to aid local bands in Minneapolis in their efforts to promote themselves. I have also covered Iration,Rebelution, Soja, Chris Berry, Jon wayne and the Pain, Goulash, PB& The Jam, Passafire, The Expendables, English Beat, Fishbone, Zion I, Outlaw, Nation, and more...Also help bands to keep their internet content current.
Member Since:March 23, 2010
Last Login:April 9, 2010
Location:Farmington, MN
Birthday:February 17
Music means to me:Everything. It's my inspiration, my meditation, my heart, my soul. It can pick me up, it can cool me down. It's the first thing I want to hear in the morning, and the last sounds I hear before I go to sleep. But that is not all folks, this fool dreams music. I hear it when I'm sleeping. Sometime, it's the same song all night...that sucks. But other times, it's I never really left the show, and my whole night's sleep is a continuation of the last set...Myabe I'm going to to many shows. Or perhaps, not enough.
Schools:Nativity of Mary~Bloomington , Minnesota. Ridgeview Elementary~Bloomington, Minnesota. Olson Jr. High/Jefferson High~Bloomington~Minnesota. Normandale~Bloomington/University of Minnesota.
General Interests:My family. Wife and two kids. My dog. Singing. Gopher hockey, Vikings football, Wild hockey.


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How JWP brought me "right back" to SUBLIME
Tue 3/23/2010 9:45PM
I was introduced to Jon through a mutual friend who told me he was a guitar player who was also a painter. Having a painting business and needing help, Jon and I started to work together. I'll never forget the first time I heard him sing. Me, Jon and the guy who had originally introduced us, Smiley~Dave, were working in a house in south Minneapolis stripping layers and layers of old wallpaper on pretty much every wall in the house