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About me:James and The Devil perform their own brand of music, described as Rocky Mountain Fiddle Rock. They create an odd assortment of song writing. Acoustic Guitar and vocals drive the rhythm while the Electric Guitar and Fiddle take turns facing off, above a Rock-Solid Drum and Bass Section.

Rhythm Guitarist & Lyricist, Jim Campbell, brings a unique element, providing a clever assortment of song writing, while equipped with a quick-tempo ed, intense, vocal performance.
Leading the band on the Violin, David Ross, takes a progressive approach to his Fiddle-Style, drawing from years of traditional experience, and sawing on the strings to whatever genre is thrown his way.
J & the D, Bassist, Adam Carpenter, holds down the low-end, with an extensive background in music theory, punching in, and pushing out sound- A slapping, singing, and dancing, machine.
J&theD, Drummer, Matt Stoner, keeps the thunder thumping, metal crashing, and the people moving. A former producer, writer, and composer of the Rock Style.
Lead Guitarist, Percussionist, and Jack-of-all-Instruments, Buz Crutchfield, bringing a multitude of live experience, joined J&theD to complete the 5-piece!

J & The D dropped their much-awaited first full-length album Altitude Sickness in May 2011 to massive crowds throughout CO and large music festivals across the country. Their songs are for every demographic, old and young. Their fans are made up of dreamers, drinkers, thinkers, and smokers.
Member Since:June 10, 2007
Last Login:February 3, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:July 21
Music means to me:Power Joy Love Peace Sadness Everything....The transfer of emotion through sound wave amplification.
Schools:CSU, Metro, MSU, CU
General Interests:Music, Visual Art, Travel, Exploring, Learning, and Helping
Other Distractions:Women, Drinking, Other Recreational Inhibitors, Concerts, Work


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