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About me:I have strong artistic taste, for which I may be attracted to talent, beauty and music. I have a strong, sometimes unconventional, faith. Along with my taste for all things beautiful is a love for the good things of life. My inner spiritual sense longs for earthly harmony and wholesomeness. I am a faithful and generous friend with a great capacity for affection, but rarely make friends with anyone outside my social rank. I am gentle, good natured, modest, and slow to anger. I am industrious and a good craftsperson, not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I am reliable, practical, methodical, and ambitious. Im best suited to positions of routine, trust and responsibility, where there is little need for urgency and even less risk of change - and a pension at the end. Im also creative and good entrepreneur.
Member Since:June 28, 2011
Last Login:July 3, 2011
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:Music is everything. Music is like the blood that runs thru my body, without it id die!
Schools:Academy of Healing Arts


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