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About me:I like pretty much everything. I love skiing and being outside hiking, biking or just hanging out. I really enjoy people watching when I go out and I seem to be a freak magnet.
I enjoy studying crypto-zoology if you've had some type of an experience I would love to hear it.
Having fun and finding humor in just about everything I do is key for me.
Member Since:July 12, 2005
Last Login:July 7, 2013
Location:Boise, ID
Birthday:September 29
Music means to me:Music is my passion! Ill listen to music over watching tv any day. I have attended about 600 shows in six different states so my dedication to music is very apparent. Music is everything to me.
General Interests:skiing, hiking, biking, camping, exploring, listening to music, crypto-zoology, having incidents with people I just met. oh yeah live music.
Other Distractions:reading various books, watching Seinfeld reruns people watching and keeping a good sense of humor.


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