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If you kinda like New Wave Nation, but aren't 39 again this year, don't have too many dreams about the 80's, nor an unlimited supply of Aquanet hair spray in your storage cellar, you'll love this band...
Wed 4/21/2010 7:48PM
Yeah, they play some of their own songs, and that's nice that they express some originality. But, they also mix in a fair amount of songs you've heard in your lifetime if you have half a brain cell left from all those CFC's that your sister second handed you via that crazy hair spray. These people are talking about a revolution, not just country meeting rap, but cool meeting funk and hip-hop's just right next door, bumping some reverb through the walls, subliminally inspiring an awakening.
So, I'm looking forward to the unveiling of the Snoop Dogg song titled "Fuck wit Dr. Dre" I hope they can do it right, out of sight, beyatches... Check your swatch watches, it's about time for the fossils to be unearthed