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About me:Born in 1979 dad was a hippie most my music taste comes from that I was raised by grandparents little girl and wife are my sunshine can see my girls love for music growing I'm the wise eyed old man that's been jammin it up with some real hardcore mutha fuckas here on the east cost we got the funk juice drippin out our ear holes & the shack of dank grooves that'll make your head move has been our study hall for the last 5 years there has been some of the most raw song styles, sounds & musical madmen to step in With the likes of my musical yang who I love like a brother my cuz Chris/Sank pop on guitar or almost any other musical device, Nick the dankest nigga in the east they don't make many like that anymore on drums/keyboard, Mike/Mankzilla the young blood of the family might just become the best bass player ever keep it up mank, Ben/6timesthefunk/the freak who's living out in colorado who we all miss but we can always dream can't we do your thing freak em out
Member Since:August 19, 2006
Last Login:August 21, 2006
Location:Salisbury, MD
Birthday:June 27
Music means to me:I think that music is like art a way to show yourself to others kind of like painting a picture or writing a story music is something in all of us so I guess it kind of makes us human. If we didn't have it some things would have never been said or thought about it can change a moment with one note maybe because most music comes from the soul you can't sim. that it's pure.
Schools:Glen Ave., Bever Run, East Salisbury, West Salisbury, Wi Middle, North County, Broklyn parks, Wi Hi,
General Interests:Music, boats, games, football, Makin Sweet love to my woman, bing shots,
Other Distractions:no distractions not a tv fan

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