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About me:I go to lewis and clark laws school in Portland, OR, which occupies most of my time. I'm always looking for good folks to go to shows with. I'm mostly into indie, folk and jazz stuff these days, but still come out for the occasional jammer. I'm pretty much open to anything.
Member Since:September 19, 2001
Last Login:October 19, 2011
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:August 12
Music means to me:All the joy, sorrow, humor, frustration, and relief of life communicaed in a way that words or images alone fail to match
Schools:Workin' on it.
General Interests:hiking, biking, skiing, lions, sustainability, spirituality, large trees (and small trees too, but mainly large trees),
Other Distractions:University of Kentucky basketball, the Office, and Heroes (the sum total of my television watching), and the collection of National Geographics dating from the 70's to the present that came with my apartment.


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