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About me:I'm a festy kid. Nothin makes me happier than to be surrounded by festy family and good music. Especially in the outdoors. If you go to shows or festy's in the midwest, i will probably meet u at some point. I also help my buddy run a company called hidden relic productions. We merged recently with the hippie seed to create another company called Like Minds. As a whole we do our best to help out the local music scene. It is our passion.
Member Since:December 21, 2009
Last Login:August 23, 2010
Location:Bloomington, IN
Birthday:May 6
Music means to me:Music is everything to me. Not only do i love to play and sing it, but i also have a passion for enjoying and dancing to other's play live. I also promote it with hidden relic productions and the hippie seed. Music has brought together some of the best people i've ever known. Life long brothers and sisters.
General Interests:Snowboarding, Frisbee golf, Nature.


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