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About me:I am a musician, philosopher, and music fan. I write my own music but I find that I write more creatively after every new music show I experience. I am very spiritual, influenced by Buddhism and Existentialism. My style is influenced alot by Sublime, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Pinback.
Member Since:April 21, 2010
Last Login:November 3, 2011
Location:North Myrtle Beach, SC
Birthday:June 10
Music means to me:Music is life, to me. If music disappeared tomorrow, life would be pointless. I am a musician all the way to my soul. Music impassions, enlivens, and burns throughout my being. Music selection tells me the most about a person. Music can fuel wars or start revolutions. Music is man's ability to make beauty out of chaotic intangible forces. It is the epitome of our very existence as such.
Schools:College of Charleston, B.A. in Philosophy
General Interests:Spirituality, Metaphysics, Poetry, Science, Meditation, Neurophilosophy, Narcotic Experimentation
Other Distractions:The little things in life, and all of my infinite blessings.


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