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About me:I'm livin' in paradise, a community of amazing artists, friends and musicians....a secret world where you leave the crazy city life behind you once you drive off the ferry onto the island. Although I don't play an instrument or carry a tune, music is a HUGE part of my life....I love it and couldn't be without it. Fresh off this year's 10th Anniversary of Island Earthfair, I'm just out enjoying the local music scene. Island Earthfair is taking a break in 2007, but come January '08, I'll start booking all the music for Vashon Island Earthfair 2008, a three day outdoor festival that will take place the first weekend of August. In the meantime, I plan to be more involved in creating some special shows on this beautiful island. I'm also helping my good friends, Trolls Cottage, by booking shows for them. Check them out on their site: I'm not in it for the money, because I don't ask for payment....I do it because there's nothing better than connecting great people with great music.
Member Since:July 21, 2007
Last Login:September 19, 2008
Location:Vashon, WA
Birthday:January 19
Music means to me:Each and every one of us has had all sorts of personal experiences with music.....we find ourselves calmed by it, excited by it, comforted by it, mystified by it and often haunted by it. Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears. Some of us need music to start the day and as company when we drive, especially those of us who commute off-island to the city. Sometimes we just need it to calm our thoughts when we are done for the day, to usher us into the world of dreams at night. In fact, the right song can work for us in more than one way--it can distract us from pain, it can boost our mood or revive old memories and it can even prompt the body to match its rhythms...yeah, that's right...make us want to dance, baby... It has tempo, rhythm, melody, it stimulates the brain in many ways all at once. Music can provoke your thoughts, set a mood, or put you on edge. It can be a release or an old friend that brings comfort......or quite simply it can be used to drive the neighbors crazy. Celebrate life, music matters.


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