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About me:If you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on earth....Appreciating life and trying to have an optomistic perspective on everything...I enjoy expressing creativity, and not taking things too seriously
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Music means to me:Words can't do justice for what music actually means to me or anybody. But when you feel it, you know...
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Emiliana Torrini
Wed 4/1/2009 6:19PM

Having just released a new album, Emiliana Torrini set pace across several countries and different continents for a light string of shows. One of her only two performances in the entire western hemisphere happened to be inside the walls of one of New York City's most uniquely designed and calmly atmosphered venues. The Hiro Ballroom is decorated in a traditional japaneese fashion with a variety of textures, tones, fixtures, and artwork. Emiliana kicked off her nearly 2 hour long set with "Fireheads" an upbeat vibrant and heavy groove off her new album "Me and Armini." Without hesitation, the solid backing band dove into a medely of songs from the earlier album "Fisherman's Woman." A sparkle in the evening was ultimately created by the heartwarming sounds of "Sunny Road". Emiliana carries an echanting mistique in her voice which paints the picture of love and loss so beautifully. The entrancing performance ended with "Nothing Brings Me Down" and nothing could bring down the spirits of a couple close friends and me after an amazing experience.

Disco Biscuits unplugged
Mon 2/11/2008 5:07PM

 It was a cold, rainy April night down in  the depths of the city of brotherly love. For those who caught whim of the acoustic storm of John 'Barbar' Gutwillig about to surface, anxiously made their way to North Star Bar. On any given night,  a Disco Biscuits performance would  involve something of a clyclone spectrum of lights that rotate around the stage and pulsate to  the ear-piercing guitar solos of John Gutwillig  met with an array of synthesized sounds by Aaron Magner on the keys  with the  furious drumming of  of Allen Aucion, which is complemented ever so well by the finger thumping bass riffs of Marc Brownstein.  With nothing on  the dimly lit small wooden planked stage except  a microphone, a stool, a bottle of water, and two acoustic guitars in front of a  huge woven tapestry, I could tell this was not any given night! All expectations were met that evening starting with Gutwillig original 'Barfly' to the humbly replicated cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir,' followed by the epic ballad of 'Hot Air Balloon.' The evening was coming to an end as Barber reappeared on the stage for the encore. The crowd exploded with cheer to the spine tingling chordal progressions of 'Kitchen Mitts', but Barber broke a guitar string before he could finish and furiously threw his guitar towards the wall and exited the stage. The crowd started dissipating outside, but before I could get to the door, a wave of people forced me back to the stage to catch Barber finish where he left off with a freshly strung guitar! Just in time to get my nah, nah nah nahhhs in!!!! Peace and Love...thanks for reading,