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About me:I have also been study Djembe and west African dance rhythms in Chicago with master Atiba Jali. I also study conga/ Latin rhythms. Main main interest however is drum set. Looking for serious musicians to start a potential jam/improve/funk/jazz group with. contact me for more info
Member Since:February 4, 2009
Last Login:March 21, 2010
Location:Ottawa, IL
Birthday:October 14
Music means to me:everyone is always saying how music is life, music is my life, i love music, i follow my bands or whatever. Music. Its a language and it speaks to you. It calls out when you are in need of a kind melody or beautiful harmony. Rhythm is the dance of the universe. I am in perfect harmony with that dance... i am music, We are rhythm. It is not something to become; it just is. Be a part of that dance. Tap into the vibrations that flow through your muscles and veins and surround the dimensions around you. It's not difficult. You just have to listen, feel it move, and the dance will begin. (not literally. well maybe, either way just let it happen and it'll feel good haha)
Schools:Western Illinois University
General Interests:meditation, rocks, nature, sustainability, natural medicine/ healing, yoga, hiking (starved rock area), mountain biking, music festivals, full moon festivals, raw/organic food, sound healing, camping, being outside, playing music, human design systems, and much more
Other Distractions:ladies, women, females, electronics.

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