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About me:I am on a mountain that I love in Ca. Everyday is the best day of my life, even though my life isn't about being better! I LOVE to live, to dance and enjoy people!
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Location:Lake Arrowhead, CA
Birthday:December 27
Music means to me:Music the connector between all, that is the strongest and most undeniable! Even the hearing impared feel music, it's not just what you hear, its how and what we feel and how the people around you feel. It's spectacular and mysterious how music connects all
Schools:I'm a drop out. I had a teacher tell me to quite trying to be a unique person, so I stood up and said, you sir, should QUIT trying to turn all of your students into ROBOTS, and walked out. The american school system is for those that don't know what they want. Exams in the California school system are void of the need for thought.
General Interests:Everything that has anything to do with life and living it to its fullest capacity, which in my mind is completely limitless
Other Distractions:I am trying to get funds to start buying and renovating vacant inner-city buildings in over-populated Cities that lack propper affordable nourishment. I Will create hydroponic GREEN HOUSES, that will feed and entire city in which it is residing in. Renovations will be cheap on the buildings and there's an overwhelming amount of knowledgeable minds ready to work with hydroponic solar systems. This is one of the great things I will accomplish in my lifetime.


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Self relying food sources
Thu 3/4/2010 12:18PM
I want to renovate inner cities' buildings that are abandoned in low income parts of town. I would like to get funding so I may feed for free! That's my slogan"Food for Free" !! I'm POSITIVe it will catch on! especially with the hungary
My heart
Sat 2/27/2010 10:13AM
My heart pumps for festivals!! The morning after the first night is one of my FAVORITE things to experience. I am sitting amongst the energy the earth exudes back at us for loving so much the night before. I can almost see it through my eyes, my mind is so exhilirated with it
Everything I know
Sat 2/27/2010 10:08AM
It is always a mind opener to hear music from another country that I completely connect with. It solidifies Music being an inner connection between us all. Undeniably we all are the same on a level. Undeniable, we are all different. Thankfully we're all HERE TODAY