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About me:I go to all kinds of shitty festivals. I really like festivals in WI that are the epitome of a hippy. I am a hippy. I wear tye die, got long hair, wear a bandana, and listen to Greatful Dead. I toured from April 2008 - May of 2008 with OAR, so I know what the road is like. It's rough on me, but that could be cause I drank so much beer! ha ha I also like to twist hemp necklaces. Peace Man!
Member Since:March 25, 2010
Last Login:August 11, 2010
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:August 1
Music means to me:To me music and drugs are a good mix. I really like Phish and Baseball. To Cubs games I wear khaki cargos, Cubs hat, and a 3/4 Sleeve Phish shirt. Yea I'm like the rest of the Phish fans I know. Music is style and style is what makes music. Alpha Beta Phi all day! Ha Ha drinkin a Natty Light as I type this. Can't wait for BONNAROO!!
Schools:Berklee, Illinois University
General Interests:Cars, Boobs, 3 G's!!!, Bonnaroo, Phish, Beer Pong, Cornhole, DMB, Touring in a bus ha ha, Long hair, long legs, OAR, and Surfing. I just really want to be a hippy forever. It's so much fun to not care! TYE DYE FOR LIFE! Ha! DA BEARS!!!
Other Distractions:Green Leafy Stuff, (Ha ha Hope cops don't read this!!!!) Greatful Garcia Gathering!! Don't know any better way to scam people than name a festival after my personal Jesus... Jerry Garcia. I love in the movie Half Baked where the hippy guy wears a Jerry necklace, and he comes to life!! I want one of those SOOOOO bad! I really hope they have one at 3G's 2010! Jack Johnson! Making grilled cheese. The hippy vendors at festivals.