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Ian Parsons is Late On Time with CD - Showcase Magazine, November 29, 2008
Fri 10/30/2009 8:33PM
Sometimes it's all about location. Ian Parsons keeps leaving New Hampshire for various destinations along the eastern seaboard, only to come back like so many graduation day deserters. Unlike the furrowed brows of a homebound-for-the-summer undergrad, however, Parsons' person seems to get a spiritual uplift of sorts by being back in our great state. He seems genuinely affected by it, having already titled his five-song 1999 EP Live Free or Die and naming the first single from his new CD Late On Time after what I presumed to be his hometown of Milton Mills. His lyrics and press kit contain near-constant references to the struggle between urban culture and rural comfort, between the adventures of travel and "gratitude for the safety and tranquility of home." He's like the bastard son of Fritz Weatherbee and a less self-conscious Beck