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About me:Im Monique and I live and love in Humboldt CA.
Member Since:January 28, 2007
Last Login:February 22, 2007
Location:Bayside, CA
Birthday:August 9
Music means to me:Music means the world to me.
Schools:Bradley Elementary, Gault Elementary, Jacoby Creek Elementary, Arcata High School
General Interests:clothing design, skateboarding, music, shows, shoes
Other Distractions:Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Unbreakable, The Crow, Matchstick Men, Goodfellas, Casino, Garden State, Riding In Vans With Boys, Riding In Cars With Boys, Detroit Rock City, Halloween (1-7), Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing: Havannah Nights, Empire Records, Mystic River, Monk, Psych, anything on Lifetime, James Patterson books.


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