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About me:Band Leader for Brendan O'Hara and the Humble Ones, hence my name on the marquis...however, what seems to be happening is a concoction all its own, we're blending face melting guitars, with soulful almost electonic synth and horns, with jazzy/pop piano, rock drums, straight ahead bass, and beatboxing/sampling...over thoughtful lyrics, in environments meant for dancing/drinking/ and general merriment.
Member Since:March 19, 2007
Last Login:March 19, 2007
Location:Miami, FL
Music means to me:An escape from most oppresive behavior, because of gravity, thats just about everything. An opportunity to celebrate. An interactive-give and take between creation and reception....but nothing that serious.
General Interests:Bike riding on the beach. Writing songs. Cooking dinner. Sleeping late after dancing till it was early.
Other Distractions:women. wine. song. npr.


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