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About me:I like dancing in the rain, music, art, happy people, flowers, autumn, the sun, earth. Daisies are my fav..soo simple yet beautiful. Music is my weakness...and festivals are something I try to make every year. I like plants and being outdoors and the weather during that transition period from summer to fall. I will usually talk to almost anyone that comes up to me and wants to have a good convo. I love to learn and the littlest things fascinate me like stars --snow and pretty flowers or leaves. I love the way the trees move in the wind, and the way the moon shines through my window at night.I love laughing and I love being silly. I like tattoos and piercings...I have some of my own. I admire integrity and honesty. I wanna be where I've never been before. I will never give up on the people I really care about. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason ... and I believe that everything works out for the best. Always. My life is perfect..even when it's not. So this is life, right? I can find happiness anywhere I turn if I dig my shoes into my soul.... You cannot label me and pin me down, I am air transient, sing singing melody on wind....feet on grass...energy traveling at the speed of past lives...dreamer void of definition.
Member Since:July 4, 2006
Last Login:March 5, 2007
Location:Boyertown, PA
Birthday:April 4
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. I love music and I love going to festivals. It gives me peace of mind.
Schools:Boyertown Area Senior High and
Bloomsburg University (2004-present)
General Interests:swimmin...being outside, drinkinnn, chillin with my friends- GO TANKS GO!, partying, goin to the beach, playing in the mud, goin camping, hiking, bonfires, music, snowboarding, bongos, nakedness, eating snowflakes, dancing in the rain, lying in the grass, staying up till the wee hours of the morning, green tea..incense, snuggling, sunsets and staring at the stars..
Other Distractions:Boondock Saints, Blow, Super Troopers, Robin Williams Live on Broadway, The little Mermaid (aww hell yeah), Fight Club, Patch Adams, Half Baked, Harry Potter...Pretty woman...Uhhh Family Guy, Seinfeld, Simpsons...that 70's show ..


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