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About me:I'm Heather
I Live in Richmond, KS
It Blows
I'm Single :]
so hit me up boys...
i hate drama and mean ppl
i give everyone a chance
i'm nice to everybody
unless u be mean to me
I dont act fake
i'm the same around everyone
unless i REALLY like u then yer in trouble tee hee
i'll be your best friend
if u would like me too
i love going to shows
and meeting new ppl
i'm pretty outgoing and crazy
and i want to meet you!!!!
Member Since:April 29, 2007
Last Login:April 29, 2007
Location:Richmond, KS
Birthday:June 12
Music means to me:Everything in the world!!!
music has the biggest effect on my life than anything
many songs have inspired me to just be myself and who i want to be not what ppl expext of me and that things in life are never easy and never will be u just have to deal cuz one day you get atleast that one thing you've wanted all along and time does not heal all wounds it only lets them sink further so when their brought back the pain is all that time worse!! so deal with what gets thrown in your life and move on its to short to waste any second of it!!
Schools:Central Heights High School
General Interests:Music, Shows, Boys, Big Sunglasses, Hearts, Stripes, Poetry, Friendz, Driving, Chocolate Milk, Myspace, and YOU
Other Distractions:I dont watch TV unless its FUSE.......


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