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About me:My name is mercedes. I'm actually short b/c im only a lil' over 5'4" and i hate it big time. I live in maine-im 15 going on 16 soon and i cant wait. I luv to hang out wit my best friend Stephanie. I'm taken by a 18 yr old named Dustin and I'm very happi wit him. I am wat i am and nobody can change me. I can b a bitch at times so dont fuck wit me. I do have myspace, yahoo, aim, vampirefreaks. I have one older sister named Sam. Shes 17 going on 18. She has a boyfriend and his name is Mike. I'm always depressed. I am big hearted at time like i try to help my friends out wit their problems. I rather see other ppl happy then myself. Im not popular and dont EVER want to be. I am a freak and i love it. I am who i am. I sometimes will vote. I dont do battles so dont challenge me. If u send me a high five or a gold star i will rtf, u dont need to ask me to. And u want to know anything else just ask.
Member Since:May 30, 2008
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Location:Hartland, ME
Birthday:May 26
Music means to me:*embrace, *beefeater, *gray matter, *moss icon, *matchbook romance, *city of caterpillar, *poison the wall, *the rocket summer, *tomorrows last hero, * The Used, * Love Like Electrocution, * Clip the Apex, * Neil Perry, * Ape Shit, *The Khayembii Communique, * I Would Set Myself on Fire For You, * Herbrightskies, * Mineral, * Sense Field, * Texas Is The Reason, * Jimmy Eat World, * Dashboard Confessional, * Death Cab for Cutie, * Straylight Run, * Cursive, * Patrick Wolf, * Beep Beep, * North Of America, * The Driveway, * Cansei de Ser Sexy, * The Summer Obsession, * The Scene Aesthetic, * Bring me the horizon, * Circle Takes the Square, * From first to last, * Saosin, * A day to remember, * Thursday, * Funeral for a friend, * Enter Shikari, * Emanuel, * Blink 182, * Jawbreaker, * NOFX, * Billy Talent, * Dirty Little Monkey, * Sum 41, * Rise Against, * Within Temptation, * Bullet for my Valentine, * Staind * NightWish, * Anathema, * Avenged sevenfold, * Otep, * Cradle of Filth, * Slipknot, * Hatebreed, * Chimaira, * System Of A Down, * family force 5, * greenday, * good charlotte, * atryu, * aiden, * linkin park, * escape the fate, * godhead, *ben moody, *Element Eighty, *Hatebreed, *I'll Nino, *Kazy, *Queens Of The Stone Age, *Stone Temple Pilots, *Seven Wiser, *Sevendust, *Murder Dolls, *Mika, *tokio hotel, * JEFFREE STAR AND MORE!!!
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