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About me:Expanding my perception and insights of life through the power of music, the respect and exploration of different cultures, promoting positive vibes, international business, jazz music, inventions, the exquisiteness of nature, the entrepreneurial life-style, all music, meeting new people, historical icons, and discovering ways of bettering not just my life but everyone around me as well
Member Since:March 10, 2009
Last Login:July 15, 2009
Location:Sykesville, MD
Birthday:September 10
Music means to me:music = happiness, it is the universal language, all boundaries are removed and everyone can relate! Good Vibes & Positive People will one day rule this world!
General Interests:Lets see here: playing music, listining to music, making music with other people, finding new bands, going to concerts, Festivals, Shreding my Skateboard, Disc Golf (especially when my putting is on), Camping, Chillin and maxin, Cooking (especially breakfast), straight relaxin, FISHING at the resavior, hacky sack, freestylin, playing Madden 08, makin beats, singing in the shower, dominating, talking to girls, punching bags, beer pong, hangin with my bros, sight seeing, but most importantly i enjoy promoting good vibes!


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