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About me:The most honest person you will ever meet. Ask anybody who knows me. True to myself and everyone I know and meet. Just like the rest of us, I love a little recreational chemistry. I'm an herb genius, so if you ever have a question, hit me up. Love hanging and going to shows with my fiance of five years. Always down to meet new people and make new friends. Asspecially ones who might be interested in helping get the dirty ass so called ganja out of western New York. I'm trying my hardest to fill the area with wonderfully delicious organics. HEADS ONLY. If you can and are willing to meet some new friends, I'm ready and willing to help. I know new people can be quite sketchy, but meet me once, and I'm sure you will feel sketchy no more. Love music, all aspects. Love to hit up shows and festy's. But most of all I love anything dank and yummy, and feel we need to do whatever is nessesary to legalize it, or at least share the love. I love glass, esspecially head peices, Got a huge collection, and blow a bit myself. But most of all im looking for someone willing to help out consistantly with the lack of high quality organics in the western New York, Hamburg area. So if any of you out there are feeling generoug enough to give me a shot, I am well experienced and very trustworthy. live my life by kharma's ruled. If you feel you can help. Hit me up. 712-480-6633 or just message me on here.
Peace, Love, and No Worries
Member Since:December 24, 2007
Last Login:October 17, 2010
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:October 8
Music means to me:Bliss. Even if your in the worst mood, had an aweful day. Come home throw on some Jerry. Burn some organics and its all better.
General Interests:You name it I will probably give it a shot. but mostly glass, organics, frolf, Buffalo Bills and Sabres. And just plain trying to make this living organism we live on, called earth, a better place.


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