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About me:HARLAN FLO (verb)-To dance wildly without reserve
HARLAN FLO is a perfectly mismatched group of characters. Jack "The Jungle dog" Baker, worked as a professional sandcastle builder, is a 30 year Chicago blues vet, and is a fully published book of jokes. Chris Swade is a hardened Chicago plumber with witty sarcasm and a hard work ethic. Patrick Dugan is the pioneer rock instructor from the suburbs who’s composed and ambitious demeanor leads the band where they wanted to go. Amanda Riva (AKA T-Rex) is the young artist who sings, dances, and paints. Her natural free spirit breathes energy and spark into the band.
Formed in the summer of 2007, by the collapse of area blues band “Chainsaw Dupont and the Blues Warriors”, HARLAN FLO kept the colors flying by commandeering some of Chainsaw’s gigs. By the end of the summer, the band hit Rax Trax Recording Studios under the direction of producer Marty Walsh and recorded their debut album, “Wheel’s of Time”, which was later self released December 28, 2008 on Fuzz Junker Records.
For all you who love to jive, for all those who love musical roots and vital spark, Hello.
We're a group of characters, an outbreak of colorful soul and raw verve. The vintage sublimity, the psychedelic touch, the very first crude, rude, and native blues blended with an untouched twist.

Slick, unorthodox guitar; funky, foxy ladies with pipes that croon and burn. Prestigious and unbound percussion, nasty boss bass playing that rattles your bones...

Hello. We're Harlan Flo.
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