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About me:I am a fun-loving ex-deadhead and now Panichead (12 yrs) I have promoted/produced/or/worked for several concerts and festivals in Northern California over the last 10 years including High Sierra Music Festival, Marin MusicFest, and hired/worked with over 100 bands in the Lake Tahoe area. I love the jambands and N'Awlins bands and that means JAMMIN and gettin FUNKY!!! Love the Reggae and Bluegrass as well. Panic is my favorite single band since Jerry died bar none!!! I am an expert snow-skier, advanced mountain-biker, and love to be in nature, my church. They call me HappyButt cuz I DANCE my ass off, and smile the whole time. I'll show you how too! JUST MOVED TO NC from LAKE TAHOE, NORTERN CALI... AFTER 12 GREAT YRS!! Got here, then went to my 1st Bonnoroo 07 HOLY SHIT THAT SHOW IS BIG!!! One of the BEST panic shows ever, nearly 4 hrs and no break - heard 4 new songs (for me that is)!! Doesn't get any better. Still floating.
Member Since:June 22, 2007
Last Login:September 15, 2014
Location:Soda Springs, CA
Birthday:March 25
Music means to me:...a way for me to release inner emotions and relate to life's situations in the most soulful, artistic, and meaningful way. To express myself and realize we all feel these things at some time or another, and it FEELS GOOD! Sharin the VIBE!
Schools:Tascosa High School (Amarillo TX), Univ of Texas (Arlington TX), Univ of Maryland (GERMANY)
School of Hard-knocks (Masters degree)
General Interests:LIVE MUSIC - dancing!, Snow-skiing, mountain-biking, camping, Immersing myself in nature constantly, appreciating the Universe, being one with God (ain't easy!). Loving my family and friends and seeking out new ones always.
Other Distractions:LOVE to read everyday, do NOT watch TV generally speaking - I am my own reality TV show, eating at a great restaurant (love sushi!), drinking good wine and beer


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