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About me:Conceived on an active volcano, Kilaeau on Big Island, HI. I spent eight summers in Alaskan wilderness: first working for the late Lynn Castle (Fairbanks, AK) - a world-renowned big game guide who operated a boys camp and lodge in Alaska Range only accessible by foot, horse or small bush plane; then worked with geologists looking for massive sulfides. Learned how to build log cabins and pack horses (I can throw a diamond hitch. Can you?) I even flew with our horses to Nome in a Lockheed C130 and sat with the pilots who were armed in case one of the horses freeked out. I have the pictures to prove it - perhaps the most unique life experience from 1970-1978 timeframe of anyone I have ever encountered. I have started writing my autobiographical memoirs (Maybe I better change some names!).
Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal with Mountain Travel, Friends of the Earth and guest leader the late David Brower of Berkeley, CA is a close second. Three years spent at college in New Haven, CT and back home in Palo Alto in '77 through mid '80s hanging with my Alpha Delta Phi fraternity brothers fostered a lifelong interest in use of psychotropic chemicals (So what if I inhaled)
Member Since:February 28, 2008
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Location:Palo Alto, CA
Birthday:April 12
Music means to me:The Beatles opened my ears and John Lennon was my hero in the late 60s. Grew up in Los Altos Hills (CA) looking down at the Dish and Hoover Tower on Stanford Campus not realizing that Jerry and the boys were just beginning to play in the band and no idea what the Dead were ingesting at The Tripps Festival due to my young age. Quicksilver and The Airplane were a much greater influence until I finally attended my first Dead concert in 1977. The shows at Winterland after they went to Egypt were mind-blowing. Metaphorically the bus came by and I got on and the music has never stopped. Ironically I finally met Mountain Girl, Ed McClanahan, and Zane Kesey in 2003 when at least seven original living Pranksters drove Further v2 down to Printers Inc. in Mtn View (CA) on SpitFurther and Keseys JailJournal books release tour. Seeing Frank Zappa nine times in person (I was the one guy in the crowd who actually knew and appreciated he was playing instrumental Black Napkins when everyone else wanted Dinah Moe (Is that a Sears poncho, Hmnn ... No fooling!) Captain Beefhart and of course The Who with Keith Moon at Winterland were also mind-blowing. You know you've made it in life when you never have to see another Jimmy Buffett concert on the mainland and now take your family only to see The Coral Reefer Band outdoors at The Waikiki Shell. Jimmy always plays a Jerry tune just for me in the audience e.g. October 4, 2007 when he played Fire On The Mountain.
Schools:Attended Yale University at 16 years old (what was I thinking)
General Interests:Too bad I'm married ... Wild monkey sex, ... clean living (Ha ha), rock and roll ... the usual suspects, Raising two kids.
P.S. Honey ... just kidding!
Other Distractions:Fungal Warrior; Ouspensky; Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds; olivine beach on Big Island; shell collecting; making leis (must be a typo!)


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