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About me:I'm 30 years old and I live in Central Pennsylvania. I have a daughter, 8 yrs. old, a wonderful boyfriend of 5 years and a cat. We collect 78 records and old musical instruments.
Member Since:March 19, 2002
Last Login:October 1, 2010
Location:Mifflintown, PA
Birthday:May 25
Music means to me:Music is everything to integral part of my existence. I like to have a constantly playing soundtrack to my life. I have a hard time indentifying with "non-music people."
Schools:Penn State University, Kaplan University, Central Penn College
General Interests:Singing, playing music, listening to music, studying history of music, watching music-related dvds, listening to old 78 records, bluegrass music, old time country blues, old electric Chicago blues, delta blues, hillbilly music (the old kind), good beer, Camel cigarettes (when I'm not trying to quit), cooking, reading, laughing
Other Distractions:Beatnik shit, the Simpsons, myspace


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