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About me:Oh, gees I hate filling these type of things out!!! It seems I always end up sounding like a dork *lol* And even if I do fill it out, it'll probably sound like just about anybody!!! =/ So, I'll say this, I'm not hard to get along with, & I love to make people laugh. Also, I don't put on fronts, so you'll know exactly who I am to everyone when you start talking to me. =)
Member Since:January 28, 2009
Last Login:April 21, 2009
Location:Coatesville, PA
Birthday:July 9
Music means to me:oh man.... I wouldn't be able to LIVE LIFE without it!!! *lol* That's a joke, but I'm really serious!!! I haven't even tried to unpack all of my music yet.... I don't even want to try, cuz I know I'll need a whole other room to store all my vinyl records, tapes, & CDs!! *lol*
Other Distractions:I have more of my pictures (Yup, a closet shutter-bug) on MySpace and I have more info about myself if you wanna read more about me (Yeah who in their right mind would??? *LOL*) Save me the energy and go read that, so I don't have to fill this out!!! *LOL*


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