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About me:im a 20 something from Rochester, New York. I play ice hockey, Disc Golf and various bar games for fun when im not out trying to find a great show
Member Since:June 6, 2001
Last Login:July 9, 2009
Location:Rochester, NY
Birthday:April 30
Music means to me:Music is the only common thread that can unite people and really make people let down their guard and enjoy themselves. I think that the old saying "Dance like nobody is watching" should ring true with everyone. Go out and see live music!
Schools:Associates Degree. No musical training at all. I just love to listen to anything thats new to me.
General Interests:The outdoors, playing disc golf, hockey and enjoying beautiful Western New York
Other Distractions:This is a great resource for an otherwise unknown genre of music. Enjoy it!


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