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moe. 3/08/08 Live in Northampton, MA
Mon 3/10/2008 10:37AM
    So my friend and I decided to make the trek from southern Maine to western Mass on saturday night to see moe. We left around 4:30 to embark on our two and a half hour drive. The drive flew by and we had some great jams going the whole way. After a quick stop for food, we arrived at the venue at about 7:45. We walked up to the Calvin Theatre and saw a huge line that stretched around both sides of the building. We went to the back of it attemping to find out what was going on, but no one had any idea. I finally made it up to security at about 8:35 and rushed in. moe. had not yet taken the stage! I was so stoked. We found our seats and prepared for what was to come.

    This was my second show of the Sticks and Stones tour, my first one came at the Orpheum in early February. The Orpheum show blew my mind, so I had high expectations for this one as well. moe. took the stage at about 8:55.

    They opened with "Seat of My Pants" which was pretty unexpected. Al ripped an absolutely huge solo with no signs of slowing down. He soloed for maybe five minutes or more without a single weak spot. Before I knew it they raced into "Sensory Deprivation Bank" and everyone was starting to dance. They took their first break after about 25-30 minutes of jamming. "Blue Jeans Pizza" and "Where Does the Time Go?" followed. They were two steller jams from "The Conch" album that I had never gotten to hear live. moe. They took another break after an extended "Where Does the Time Go?">"Wicked Awesome" jam. As soon as "Spine of a Dog" began everyone went nuts and the entire crowd was singing along and dancing. "Spine of a Dog" was absolutely incredible. As they were jamming on it, I started to hear some notes of "Buster" start to tease through. Before I knew it the "Buster" riff was developing before me. They launched right into it and did not slow down until the very end, when they took their setbreak.

    The highlight of the first set was definently the "Spine of a Dog">"Buster" jam. Overall the first set was good, but I knew they would come out even harder in the second set like they did at the Orpheum.

    After the set break they came right out with a cool jam on "The Pit", but it really got good when they went into "Kids". Their live version of "Kids" really gave me a new appriciation for the song and I was just going nuts. So that was a pretty sick two peice jam to start off the set. They took a break telling us how we "had the best energy out of any crowd on the tour so far", which got me pretty pumped up. "Lost Along the Way" began, a song that blew me away when they played it at the Orpheum. They went right into "Good Trip" then into "Kyle's Song". The "Kyle's Song" jam and solo was one of the highlights of my night as well. They took another short break and then launched into "Darkness", a song that I've been wanting to hear live for awhile. A pretty album style version of the song was followed by a sick drum solo. Then as I thought the second set was coming to a close, Rob came back on and laid down an absolutely incredible bass solo. The entire band came on and finished out the last set with a "Meat" jam.

    So three strings of jams, that second set was some of the best live moe. I have ever heard. The highlight was "The Pit">"Kids" jam.

    The obvious "Raise A Glass" rendition was played after a short break. I still enjoy that song, for a reason that I can't quite put my finger on. When "Nebraska" began I was pretty excited, but I would have liked to see "Nebraska" somewhere in the sets with maybe switching "Buster" to an encore. Even though the crowd was singing along and I was loving it. I think that the "Nebraska" encore did not do the rest of the show justice. It was still great to get to see "Nebraska" live for the first time. They just played a basic album-style run through of the song before ending the show.

    What a great show.

03/08/08 Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA