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About me:Music fanatic recently returned home to Denver. Love my wife, and we love our music!
Member Since:July 13, 2000
Last Login:About 2 hours ago
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:August 13
Music means to me:Soundtracks to all the eras of my life, laughs, tears, then, now...
It's a hobby, an obsession, a joy. Continues to be essential. From the moment I found the Elvis Presley 45s in the basement, then the Deep Purple 8-track, the Columbia record and tape club, live concerts (attending and on Memorex), to CDs to iTunes to my eMusic subscription - it's all been about listening to the music play.
Schools:AADA, many community colleges, Cal, Columbia
General Interests:world travel, hiking, running, meditation, fitness, theater, the arts, literary theory, medicine, the ocean, recycling, conscious living. . .
Other Distractions:I'm a big cinema fan, a bit of a culture snob, a foodie, but I like fart jokes and Ren and Stimpy and Family Guy, and Heidegger and Coltrane. Love my family. Dig a good read. And I love to write too.


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