Chris Gray's Profile

About me:I am a percussionist based in the Twin Cities area. I currently play with Doug Otto and the Getaways, Nicholas 'the Feelin' Mrozinski, North Country Bandits (with & without Matt Pudas), the Foundation, Hotdish, Edwin P.'s Invisible Band, and Jack Klatt. I believe there's more to our lives than material gain & a struggle for power over others. I am pleased when I see evidence of the forces of light emerging from the sea of darkness.
Member Since:April 10, 2007
Last Login:March 2, 2014
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Birthday:May 4
Music means to me:Reality & Illusion
Schools:MusicTech, Currently learning a lot from my 2 year old son
General Interests:Love, acceptance, community, well-being, sustainability
Other Distractions:Local, international, & universal politics, Cycling and a 1966 ford Galaxie