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About me:Contrary to popular belief, we are capable of telepathy, time travel, ESP,
achieving peace, and much more than we are lead to believe.
Our DNA has been dumbed down to the point that human evolution seems
to be coming to a slow stop. While on the other side of the spectrum we as humans are
closer to greatness than ever before in the history of man kind. Contrary to
popular belief, the reason your listening to this album is to release your inner
tension. I aim to please myself because I trust my opinion more than most.
If you come across any messages while listening to this album that you don’t understand or that you think might have an alternate meaning, you might be
right. If you hear frequencies during the corse of this album that you think might be tapping in to your subliminal, you might be right. Everything is up for debate. Everything. On another note, I’d like to dedicate a special thank you to every person who contributed their time in some way or another to this album. Wether you worked with me on the music aspect or Mass Production. Anyway that you might have came in contact with this album was not a coincidence. It was no accident and it happened for a reason. Not because “God” wanted it to happen but because your quantum perception attracted its energy to you. To those of you that think I’ve gone off the deep end, you might be right also but life tells us that its more interesting that way. You were the last sane person alive until you received this album and from that point on everything gets better. The pressures of life are released and your perception of living in a world full of struggles and hardships change completely. until you believe in the good things life has to offer you they won’t present themselves. First you have to believe.
With that being said, I should take some time to shout out to some people. I’ll start with Jewels Hunter for Mastering this album at Black Lab Studios and also for the produce. I know sometimes I can be a pain in the neck but all the hard work pays off. Also to Phreewil and Cin 7 for dropping me some gigantic beats. Some of the best my ears have had the pleasure of listening to. I would have never been able to let go and just focus on writing. I’d also like to personally thank my father and guitarist Randy Hansen for gracing this album with guitar tracks, bass lines and over all inspiration. I feel blessed to be a part of our family. Thanks to Filkoe for contributing material from your crate that enabled Jewels to manifest one of the illest bangers I’ve had the privilege of writing to. That stuff is important. Shouts going out to the always beautiful Melissa Linscott for recording vocals and also to Lazarous Hunter for recording vocals at the Black Lab. Patience is a virtue. Special Thanks to Jose Rodriguez III for the oil painting featured as the cover art. You’ve been one of my long term inspirations in the field of art. Shots to everyone who collaborated with me on this album, period. This has been one for the record books. I’d also like to thank some friends that have stayed true and have proven to be genuine over the years. Some close and some acquaintances, Cheo Lopez, Joey, Shamus, Tank, Audiopoet, King Khazm, Phreewil, Ricky Pharoe, Jewels Hunter, Rev 1:19, Gajah, Dead Noise, WD4D, Introcut, Dj Able, Showbot, Asun, Biz, Mic Flont, Khanfidenz, Jerm, Julie C, RIP Talksick, Name Clone, Filkoe, Dj Hannible, Life Cycle, Bishop I, JFK, XP, Type, Kublakai, Mosley Wotta, Nathan Wolf, Elry, Dj 507, Dj HNS, Barry of Godspeed, Justin and Shannon Farron, Arif (Ray), Larry Mizell, Meli, Nick, Qwel, Maker, Bron, Sober, Tristan, Tru ID, Anthony, August, Jim Nickerson, Steve Garfield, Rick Smith, Dax, Rusty Crates, Sean, Apakoliptic, Xquisit, Ann Ice, Zach B., BG, Mario, Katelynn, Richie, The entire Hunter family, Hansen Family, Linscott Family, Decker Family, Honan & Lopez Family, Anderson Family, and to anyone I may have forgotten to give thanks to. Thanks. My all goes out to all my friends that have stood by and believed in me as a musician and producer. I hope to eventually release vinyl LP’s and 7 inch’s and before you know it we’ll be touring over seas and studying other cultures. It’s crazy how great it can be to fallow your ambitions. This album sends you on a quest to center your chakras with an elevated sense of awareness. Contrary to Popular Belief. Black Lab 2010
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Music means to me:The Cost of Living is inflating rapidly. W should all question our day to day motives and lifestyles. We can’t blame any one but ourselves when catastrophe ensues. The human race was in tune with the universe at one point in time and lived in harmony with nature but then Greed and Envy underlined mans drive to expand and control the world around us. This is now one of the biggest flaws to mans design. Who is the architect? Nobody is perfect. I could sit and point out all the ways that people have gone wrong but in myself is where the change starts. You and I are force feed what you think of as being “reality” and eventually you believe in whatever the heard believes in. So when the Sheep go one way I aspire and take pride in my path to the other direction. I must end by saying this…Every human is a hypocrite in some way or another. I myself have disrespected all of earth’s creatures at some point in time. I have polluted, pillaged, plundered, beaten, spit on, stolen, vandalized, and ruined many of the objects, seen and unseen, even the air we breathe as I’ve walked my lonesome path. I speak of darkness and negative aspects we inflect upon ourselves and others around us but I still paint my name on random walls and surfaces within the city. While decorating the streets is a beautiful thing the CFC’s released from the thousands of cans I’ve emptied into the atmosphere aren’t forgiving. For example I too tend to leave my house lights on and waste water. I drive my under budget bucket from point A to point B and until we create and affordable new type of energy and transportation this will be a reality I will have to live with. I am once again a hypocrite lining the greedy pockets of politician’s, business tycoons and Spiritless blood suckers. The media controllers do understand the way human’s energy works and how to control the masses through advertisement and inducing fear in those who pay attention. As do I through this music you have now received, and through the course of my career in music I have devoted my time and energy to opening your minds. To think outside the cube. All I ask for in exchange is that you do some things for yourself. Lend a hand to a friend in need or even a complete stranger, ride a bike more often or get one if you do not have one yet and use it, don’t invest your time, energy or money in products that you know are shady and do some research on such products, spend time with your kids, eat less beef and more fruit, where there is fruit there is trees and oxygen follows close behind. You can never have enough fresh air. Walk more, drive less treat your loved ones to a copy of this album. Burn it as many times as you want, buy a copy if you can afford The Cost of Living. Grow vegetables, roll up a lil something green and share it with a close friend then brainstorm new ways to challenge yourself. Here is where it comes crashing to an end and if you have really been listening to this album or reading these liner notes then I hope something I’ve said has touched base with you and planted the seed that will bloom in your eardrums and throughout infinitely.